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Salih Self-Development Center


The mission of Salih Self-Development Center (SSDC) is to meet the needs of the Aboabo community of Kumasi, Ghana. Our goal is help to create independence and self-sufficiency on an individual level for the participants of our programs, but also on a community level. Through the teaching of sustainable and transferable skills, we aim to sow the seeds of economic independence and community development in Aboabo. 

The SSDC was founded in 2008 to provide vocational training and health education to young people in the Aboabo community of Kumasi, Ghana. Since it's inception, the people of Aboabo have received  blood testing kits for diabetics, mosquito netting to combat malaria, eye glasses for the elderly and food, clothing, recreational equipment and much more. With a strong desire to shape the youth into proud, self-sufficient adults, the Salih Center offers two vocational training programs--sewing and computer skills--with the hopes of future expansion. 

In 2013, the Aboabo, Kumasi political leaders helped to secure a plot of land in the Aboabo township for the construction of the SSDC. Architectural plans for the Center are complete, and construction has begun. With the completion of the first SSDC location in 2015 and the second SSDC building completed in 2019, the mission of serving the orphaned and disadvantaged in Aboabo, Kumasi has served as the latest apex of our mission.


Today, the Salih Self-Development Center's--which currently operates out of two small units--is looking to build one large building so that it's potential can be actualized under one roof. With the support of international donors, the new SSDC will have two classrooms for vocational instruction, a clinical room for consultation, a bathroom and a storage room for medical supplies and other necessities needed for distribution. Additionally, the SSDC is looking to establish the city's first recycling/waste management plant in Kumasi. This facility would not only improve the dire living conditions of many residents, but the collected plastic waste will also be transformed into construction materials or other useful objects to service the community.

To learn more about SSDC and what you can do to help, check out the video below..

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