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Though Kumasi is considered the cultural hub of Ghana, Aboabo is a small rural community with migrants from all parts of Ghana, and its neighboring West African countries. The economy is largely dominated by the informal sector with activities such as small-scale manufacturing or diverse daily services. Sone of the key challenges faced by the people of Aboabo is housing and sanitization, the decline of small scale manufacturing, health hazards and education disparities, and the overall lack of access to capital.

Poor housing conditions affect people from Aboabo. Houses are made of wood and salvaged materials. They were originally built with land crete and slate, then the extensions were made with sand crete or aluminum, creating sanitation problems. Though small manufacturing shows economic opportunities in Aboabo, it has been hampered by the shortage of raw materials. Due to the shutdown of the Volta Aluminum Company and the influx of cheap synthetic leather from the outside, access to raw material is difficult for blacksmithing and leather work. In addition, access to healthcare and drinking water has even rated low, compared to other communities in Kumasi, and there is a real need to improve education systems and health facilities.

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