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Covid-19 Donation

As the world continues to grapple with the crippling effects of Covid 19, governments around the world are implementing unprecedented measures to help curve the spread of this new virus. Mandatory stay at home orders have been put in place in many countries, and we watch daily as populations try to adjust to what is now the new normal.The uncertainty and anxiety of what our future holds has lead to yet another pandemic many of us are all too familiar with – panic buying. Stocking up on food and other essentials in anticipation of weeks in lock-down, we are seeing our most vulnerable facing circumstances more dire than ever. The working poor, the elderly, and thousands of citizens in third world countries who often rely on the generosity of others for their daily bread are not in the position to stockpile the necessary foods and essentials to survive weeks of a government mandated lock down. At the Salih Self Development Center we have seen some of the worst that this pandemic could bring out., but like many of you, we also have seen the best. Basic decency and generosity continue to thrive in these trying times as neighbors help neighbors, – in many cases helping complete strangers. Humanity and basic decency continue to thrive in these trying times. We are pledging to provide bags of rice to our neighbors in Kumasi, Ghana in an effort help vulnerable families as Ghana begins a two-week stay at home order. We recognize that many of you who continually support our efforts also are facing difficulties as we try to best prepare for more weeks in this fight. So far we have been able to provide 20 fifty-five pound bags of rice. Any donation at this time will go directly to providing food and essentials to countless families in this community. We thank you again and again for your continued support of our foundation. We believe that together our global community will emerge stronger on the other side of this fight. Thank you again. And as always donations can be made via our website and are tax deductible.

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