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Salih Center Construction.

The Salih Self-Development Center has begun the first phase of the construction of the vocational training center in Aboaso district of Ashanti Kumasi, Ghana. The project which started last month brought a lot of excitement for the future of the Center. Since the initial down payment on the two acres, we have located the best location for the construction of the building and placement of the well. The $5000 contribution of FFC afforded us the ability to construct the well, pay the cost of labor, and purchase 5 dump trucks worth of sand and 100 bags of cement for block laying. We used some of the money went towards the balance on the land, and the remaining balance of about $800 will be used for the creation of about 2,500 cement bricks. The final steps of Phase 1 include obtaining the building plan and laying the foundation of the building.

Phase 2 of our building process includes the purchase and rental of materials and equipment, such as iron rods for the building structure. The continued contributions of our supporters and friends has been and will continue to be vital to the completion of this Center. We remain grateful to the Fund for the Future of our Children and hope to continue our partnership in better servicing the young people of Kumasi, Ghana.

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