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Salih Self Development Center Update.

The Salih Self Development Center has begun the first phase of the construction of the vocational training center in Aboso Kwabere East of Ashanti Kumasi, Ghana.

The project, which started last year, brought a lot of excitement for the future of the Center. Since the initial down payment on two acres, we have located the best location for the construction of the building and the placement of the well. The contribution of you made afforded us the ability to construct the well, pay the cost of labor, and create 2,500 cement bricks. We used some of the money towards the balance of the land. One of the final steps of Phase 1 was obtaining the building plan and has now been completed, as you can see in the attached file.

The size of the building is 1009 square meters. The ground floor has 3 classrooms and a meeting room. The top floor has 4 professor’s suites, 5 student suites and 1 caretaker suite plus the lobby. The building has 10 parking spaces.

Moving forward our vision the Salih Self-Development Center intends to focus more on vocational training. We have started to research other government organizations such as COTVET & TVET. These organizations offer support and promote vocational education and training for transformation and innovation for sustainable development institutions in Ghana.

These programs are aligned with the Salih Self-Development Center program offerings such as:

Construction and Welding

Automotive Repair

Consumer Electronics

Plumbing and Electrical Installation

Furniture Making

Block Laying and Tilling

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