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 We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

Vocational Skills Training

We currently offer two vocational training programs: Sewing and Computer Skills. Our sewing program is an avenue for artistic expression, cultural transference, and potential entrepreneurship. Our young seamstresses are being trained in traditional West African designs as well as more contemporary designs. The Computer Skills program was instituted second in response to not only the growing need for a tech savvy workforce, but the growing interest in technology and IT services as a career choice for young people around the world. We want to lay a foundation that allows young Ghanaians to compete on the global stage as hard working and prepared young leaders. 

Health & Education

 Whether it be a stigma or distrust for doctors and/or western medicine, a fear of the unknown or the possibility of what is, lack of funds or motivation, or a hectic, busy work and home life, we recognize that many of our community members were not seeking the medical care necessary for their ailments. For this reason we host medical clinics in the community so that residents can get health screening for high blood pressure and basic knowledge about the risks of high blood pressure and diabetes. We have doctors and nurses present with literature and educational resources to illustrate typical warning signs and red flags for these conditions.

Environmental Conservatism 

Litter and pollution are a major problem in Aboabo. There is not enough education focused on the importance of garbage and waste disposal or even the resources for effective garbage collection. Our organization is working to educate and change the habits of young people in the community to be responsible consumers. The problem is exacerbated by the health issues that arise from this unsanitary environment. It is our plan to not only spearhead a campaign on the importance of environmental stewardship, but also build a facility and create jobs collecting and sorting plastic which will be used to make roof tiles.

Food Distribution

Though not a key component of our mission, food distribution is an important part of our work. We recognize that the majority of the people in our community are living in poverty and our efforts would be in vain if we did nothing to address the hunger and food insecurity that many in our community face. A symptom of living in poverty is often living hand to mouth, and not having the means to stock up on weeks’ worth of supplies of food and other necessities is essential during this Covid-19 pandemic. With the recent national Stay-at-Home Order put in place in Ghana, we have seen these critical conditions intensify.


Don't be fooled by our humble beginnings; there is nothing small in the service of mankind.

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